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Currently 541 Board Member Candidates from 30 different industries
3 simple steps to become a board member candidate.
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Document your profile: your CV, experience, skills, successes and motivation - everything that you can contribute as board member.

Your benefit:
You will be found on and contacted directly by companies that are searching for board members.

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Possibility 1:
You are searchin on your own in our database and choose the candidate that you wish to contact.
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Possibility 2:
Together we discuss your selection criteria and find suitable candidates together for you.
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Your benefit:
A cost efficient and simple way to find candidates who can contribute to your companies strategy and performance as board members.


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BoardSearch Netz
  • Candidates document their interest in the Board-database
  • Companies search therein for fitting profiles and contact the selected candidates directly

- approx. 7'000 board members searched resp. to be replaced every year  -   

Companies support the goal to further improve the quality of boards of directors and to strengthen the Swiss economy
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